By professionals for professionals

We know you’ve heard it before but so what?  It is true! We are film and television industry professionals who wanted an app to simplify our workflow. So, we created one, and then two and… well as any superhero – as long as there is need for us we will continue.

What started as a quest to make tools easy to use and thus saving time and money, has evolved into building a company as easy to work with as our tools. The creative development takes place in Sweden together with our friends in production companies, post production houses and film studios. The software development takes place in Belgrade and Sarajevo – a places booming with internet talent and talented developers.

Our core values are simplicity, user friendliness and efficiency.

We want this company and our products to be very the best they can be. For that we need your help. Do you have any ideas, suggestions or complaints? Please let us know! Maybe you need a special feature? Maybe you have a workflow problem? Either way we’d love to talk to you about it. Why? Because we honestly believe that together, your creativity and ours, will can make the world a better place.