FAQ / General

We’re aiming to build a knowledge base and we need your help. In time you will be able to login and comment but for now please mail us your question and, after we help you, we can add it to the list here.

Which video formats are supported?

Framectrl works with many common professional formats including ProRes and DNxHD. Currently we do not support any RAW formats, but new codecs are added all the time, if you want to speed up the process please let us know what you like to use.

How do I export to Word?

In the export options choose word. That creates an xml-file, and by default they are not opened by Word so either you open it through word menu or by using “Open With” from the Finders window.

How can I change the PDF-design in the export options?

In the future you will have many templates to choose from. If you have a suggestion you can send it to us and we would be happy to try to implement your design in the next update.