Log material, transcribe or create and manage dialogue lists in one single app.

FrameCTRL Logging helps  you add written information while looking at video, categorize and export that information with accurate time references to the video.

This started out as a “lite” logging tool but quickly proved to be much more. Simply put, this application makes in and outpoints to which you can add information and export as lists in a variety of formats. What we thought was only going to be used for logging material, using a clever timesaving system for labeling recurring information, had its first customers as a tool for making dialogue lists. In today’s multi-platform, multi-format and multi-language landscape, transcriptions and dialogue lists are more important than ever so that versatility makes us very proud.



Have a look at how FrameCtrl Logging works and some of its main features.


FrameCTRL is developed for tv-production of unscripted reality shows to save time logging the material after shooting and very useful tool for making dialogue lists for any kind of drama-production, feature films, tv-series or documentaries.

Non-scripted material (documentaries, interviews and reality tv-shows)

FrameCtrl is giving you a great and liberating overview of your material and enabling you to have a more creative and detailed dialogue with your editor.
Thanks to an intuitive and simple interface, FrameCtrl is quick and easy to use.

Scripted material (Drama productions)

Regardless if you need to translate or not, all TV shows and movies today needs to be transcribed at some point. FrameCtrl helps you keep track of dialogue, ADR, characters and timecodes and export it in a variety of formats. Making and managing dialogue lists have never been easier.