Our review and feedback tool.

Time is money – how is your day spent?

Your time is valuable – so why not consider how you use it? On every TV-production, each week you have to review literally hours and hours of video, clips, rough cuts and final cuts before creating and delivering notes on these to post production. For many reasons, this often involves looking at your laptop or desktop PC and finding yourself hopping between your favorite word processor and your video player. And afterwards? Hours spent cleaning up your notes formatting and double-checking timecode etc so the editor actually can use them. It doesn’t have to be like this!



A simple, flexible and intuitive solution that increases workflow efficiency right across your team.



How does it work? FrameCTRL Review plays your video – and every time you start writing it stops the playback. When you finish writing, it saves your work and continues playback. When you are done with the episode you can export your notes in a variety of ways depending on the recipient. For instance, editors can get a list of markers ready to be imported into their Avid Media Composers. You can also print out a document with outstanding overview, screenshots and timecode as well as sifting your notes so, for instance, the sound department only receives information that concerns them.

Multi format export

Depending on the need and preference of the recipient you can export your notes to word, excel, pdf or Avid markers list.

Frame accurate viewer

Either with arrow shortcuts or clicking in the timeline you can provide feedback down to the exact frame.


Label your notes so the editors can see what’s relevant to them via markers.

Phenomenal overview

Good overview on all comments and timeline markers.

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